It was later that night before The Council trio got a chance
to talk. They decided to link arms and pop in to the Great Council Hall. All of
the Council Kids needed to hear JimJim’s idea.

The Council Kids were all there. They were sitting around
the big table. JimJim told them about the Shadow Kids’ trouble making
strategies. They decided to watch to see which kids were using the trouble
making strategies. Maybe there were only two other Shadow Kids but maybe not.
There might be a lot more Shadow Kids. The Council needed to identify all of
the Shadow Kids.

JimJim said, “That’s the first part of my idea. Here is
the second part.

“When TT captured the Council Kids in the Great Council
Hall, it was a video trick. At first, we all thought it was the real deal. It
wasn’t. Instead, we were watching a huge video screen. It was just a genius
trick TT was playing on us.

“Here is what I figured out. He played another video
trick on us. He made SueSue, PosterGuy, and me think something really scary was
happening in my room. We saw the huge purple shadow. It was so bright it hurt
our eyes. We heard the clanging bell. It hurt our ears.

“This is the real genius part. TT made us think his
face was in my room. It was like a scary monster. That is not all. We thought
the booming voice was TT talking to us. We were terrified.

“It wasn’t TT. It was another video trick. It came out
of his little gadget. It was definitely a genius trick but it was only a trick.

“At school today, TT made another one of his purple
shadows appear. There was a clanging bell too. That is something he has added
to his purple shadow show. It worked in my room. It scared us. I don’t know how
he does what he does but it’s a trick, a very clever trick.”

The Council Kids thought about JimJim’s idea. A long time
passed before SueSue said, “JimJim is right. TT is playing some very
clever tricks on us. He likes to scare us. He uses his gadget to fool us. We
have to figure out how to stop him and the other Shadow Kids.”

The Council Kids all nodded. SueSue was definitely right.

PosterGuy smiled and said, “JimJim has figured this all
out. He is right about the trouble making strategies. He is right about TT too.
He uses his gadget to trick us. He isn’t a very nice person.

“Here is what I have figured out. Some kids are trouble
makers. They use their trouble making strategies to get trouble started. They
stop just in time so they don’t get into trouble. They laugh when other kids
get into trouble. They think it’s funny when kids get timeouts.

“A few kids are bullies. That is what TT is. He is a
bully. He uses his gadget to scare kids. Other bullies have different
strategies to scare kids but TT uses his gadget.

“Trouble makers like to start trouble so kids get
timeouts. Bullies like to scare kids and act like they are powerful. That is
who the Shadow Kids are. They are trouble makers and bullies.”

The Council Kids sat around the big table and thought. They
finally knew about the trouble makers and their strategies. They finally knew
about TT and his clever tricks. They didn’t know how TT did it. It was still a
mystery but it was definitely a trick. There was a lot to think about.

The next day, JimJim and SueSue were home. They both had a
busy day at school. After school, they were sitting in the swing in the back

SueSue looked at JimJim and said, “It was very clever
how you figured out about the Shadow Kids. It’s good to know about their
trouble making strategies. It’s even better to know what the deal is with TT.
He makes me really angry. I feel like grabbing that gadget of his and smashing

JimJim nodded and said, “Me too. I’m getting really mad
about what those Shadow Kids are doing. It has to stop. We have to make it
stop. That goes double for TT. We have had enough of his purple shadows and
clanging bells.”

JimJim and SueSue quietly swang for a while. They both
thought about how angry they were. There had to be a way to stop TT and the
Shadow Kids. They had to stop all of the trouble making. They couldn’t just do
nothing and let TT keep scaring kids with his purple shadows and clanging
bells. Someone had to stop him. They had to stop him.

PosterGuy startled JimJim and SueSue when he said, “The
two of you look like you are doing some serious thinking. Are you as angry as I
am about this stuff with TT and the Shadow Kids? I definitely hope so. we have
to figure out how to stop those Shadow Kids. I don’t know how yet but we have
to do it.”

JimJim and SueSue looked up. There was PosterGuy. He was
right there, on his poster, stuck to a nearby tree. Neither of them said
anything. They just nodded. PosterGuy was right. They had to stop the Shadow